Always have a backup plan . . . or a really good colorist.


The uh-oh’s of life happen; however, I believe that a little planning ahead can help. If I have an idea about how I will handle the unexpected, I experience significantly less stress and am much happier. Having a solid backup … Continue reading

They call me, Missus.


So, you went back to your maiden name. That’s all fine and dandy unless you have children who carry your ex’s last name. No doubt, you either have been or will be addressed as Mrs. [former last name] again. Repeatedly. … Continue reading

Divorce Tag: It’s WHN’s turn now!


Players:  Two exes; adult children 18 years and older Rules:  The terms of the divorce decree and visitation arrangement no longer apply. The parent and/or adult child who arranges the event, outing, trip, etc., is tagged “it” for the duration … Continue reading